Other Transaction Authority (Advanced) Workshop

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Do you want to develop applicable expertise in Other Transaction Authority (OTA)? This hands-on workshop takes you through the entire process of awarding and competing for OTAs, from planning through award and administration.

This is NOT a day off. You will NOT sit back and sip coffee as slide after slide flips across the screen. Quite the opposite!

The OTA Advanced workshop is a full-day, intensive workshop which covers the law, policy, guidance, and trends in Other Transactions, and walks participants through a practical examination of an OTA Solicitation and Agreement. 

Participants will learn from our faculty and each other how OTA acquisition strategies are developed, evaluated, negotiated, and administered. Through instructor-led exercises using real scenarios, you'll leave equipped with practical experience and a foundation upon which to continue building their skills.

Note: we offer this course as both an on-site, team specific training or off-site, general training in Washington, D.C (use the drop down box to select your preferred option). The content for the on-site session may be tailored to the team's acquisition portfolio. The next training at Public Spend Forum will be April 14, 2020.