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Cost of a 1 Day Conference to Reach Public Sector Buyers for an Entire Year!

Government buyers are eager to find the right suppliers for their needs. However, it is not easy to for government to identify the right suppliers and their capabilities. Until now!

Public Spend Forum’s procurement community of almost 20,000 is increasingly leveraging GovShop to easily search for, find and connect with suppliers. And they are doing it at an early stage in the market research process, when you as a supplier can still collaborate and engaged.

While filling out your free profile comprehensively is a great way to be found by government, Premium subscribers to GovShop can enhance their chances of winning government work. For the cost of 1 day at a conference or a single business meal you can purchase a premium subscription and:

  • Make all premium fields visible so government has a comprehensive understanding of your capabilities
  • Load capability statements, white papers, pricing schedules and more
  • Add certifications, recognitions, and customer references

Additionally, Premium subscribers can benefit from Public Spend Forum’s vast reach to:

  • Be highlighted in our “Supplier Spotlight” that is shared with all our users
  • Post and distribute content through the Public Spend Forum portal
  • Get dedicated Customer Support and free Personal Onboarding

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