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GovShop Subscription | Level 2

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Is your website really giving government contracting professionals the information they want and need when they're conducting market research? Probably not.

We regularly speak with these professionals, and the things they tell us are most important to them are exactly what we include in our GovShop Government Contractor Landing Pages.

These pages serve as your supplier profile for the government contracting marketplace, and are specifically designed to give procurement professionals the information they are looking for when they need to make pre-solicitation and market research decisions. Send your government prospects to a landing page built with their needs in mind, and enjoy features like opportunity matching, enhanced search optimization, and exclusive networking and training events for your employees.

Get started with our Growth tier, small to medium sized businesses with products and services that are ready for the government market.

GovShop Profile & Storefront

  • Branded Profile on GovShop (can serve as government market "storefront")
  • Claimed Badge on Profile
  • Completeness Score on Profile (once completed over 50%)
  • Ability to complete all profile sections


  • Profile Indexed on Google (for increased traffic)
  • GovShop Profile Set Up Consultation
  • GovShop Profile Completion by expert PSF team
  • Noted as Featured Supplier in marketing and newsletters
  • Discounted Pricing for Ads and Sponsored Content on GovShop
  • 3 minute video Interview for profile and general marketing
  • GovShop Profile Set Up Consultation
  • Noted as Featured Supplier in marketing and newsletters

Opportunity Matching & Marketing Intelligence

  • Notifications on terms searched, government market activity and other actions on GovShop

GovLabs Community

  • Invites to Members Only "PSF GovLabs" Webinars and Events
  • Awarded Badge and Certificate as PSF Community Member (Subject to attendance of PSF Orientation)
  • Access to PSF Market Contracts for Discounted Pricing (Coming Soon!)
  • "Selling to Government" Training and Seminars

Team Mentoring

  • One time 3 hour workshop and consultation with team on selling to government (what's, how's, where's, when's, and who's with our pros to help you plan and navigate the government market)



To get even more out of your GovShop profile, check out our Level 3 subscription package.