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Here's a radical statement: I hate networking. Seriously, I do. Find out why and learn my tips for building genuine relationships in the government contracting space.
Did you know there are ways to generate revenue in the government market beyond prime contracts? In my Master Class, I cover everything you need to know about sources of innovation funding for your business.
Our team is constantly developing new training and online learning content. From webinars to roundtables to our new Ask Me Anything (AMA) formats, subscribers get access to the best intelligence this market has to offer.
Building a high growth government business requires a purposeful, viable pipeline filled with qualified leads. I'll show you how we do it using GovShop's PowerMatch algorithms, and teach you how to build one for your business.
Pipelines are only as good as the opportunities you include in them, but how can you possibly keep up with the hundreds of public sector bids that come out each day? In our MasterClass, I'll teach you the techniques you need to quickly read a government solicitation, from which sections to read first to how to interpret the "hidden signals" that successful contracting firms know how to spot.